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Menus, Website, Mobile, Digital Boards. One Platform.

We provide a comprehensive, informative and interactive set of customizable menus and web pages developed specifically for school food and nutrition departments, designed to help you promote healthy habits to students that will last a lifetime!

Free Mobile App

Easily find school meals, rate products, view announcements, take surveys, and place online orders right from the mobile app. Every district gets the app for free, there are no per student costs involved like with our competitors. All mobile menu data is sycned automatically from our cloud based platform, so all you have to do is flip a switch and you automatically have a mobile app that is always up to date.

Online Menu Design

Create professional looking interactive nutrition menus in minutes! Design beautiful menus using drag and drop simplicity to add backgrounds, products, images and content. Instantly auto-fill items from a cycle menu to create repeating schedules.

Digital Boards

Digital menu boards engage students in the cafeteria. Nourish minds and bodies by promoting healthy habits... enhance the customer experience while reducing perceived wait times. Design professional looking menus by selecting from a library of themed backgrounds, colorful graphics, and nutrition images... each selected to help support and promote school nutrition.


Provide tools for students and parents to easily identify foods containing relevant allergens. Create easy to use color coded menus personalized to a student's individual unique needs.

80+ Languages

Menus are automatically translated to 80+ languages. Our menu platform simply mops the floor with the competition.

Interactive Nutritionals

Provide all your nutritional information on a succinct menu, with additional information, photos, interactive ratings, allergen and nutritional content available at users fingertips.

Nutrition Report Card

Offer carb counts and create nutrition report cards on the fly. Easily create lists of all items served across all menus, or print the list for a specific menu date or week. There is infinite customizability, allowing you to provide exactly the nutrition info you need.


Import your menu items, use your already created menus. Offer online ordering with student balance lookups. Accept pre-orders so you don't make too much or too little food.

Online Ordering

Student, Staff, and Catering Ordering

Ordering your meals ahead of time has never been easier. Save time and get ahead of the line. Contact us for more details!


A comprehensive, informative and interactive set of customizable web pages developed specifically for School Nutrition Departments.

Print and Graphic Design

Five Star Meal posters, self-adhesive window decals, double sided free standing dry erase sign stands, and more.

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